Walking Bear Comes Home

dvdfront-221x300This Thursday, April 20th @ 5:00 p.m. is the World Premiere of Walking Bear Comes Home: The life and work of Chuck Jonkel.  It’s at the Roxy Theater as part of the 40th Annual International Wildlife Film Festival.  There’s a reception at the Roxy beforehand, and a celebration afterwards at Western Cider.

Read more about the film (and DVD release) at the Great Bear Foundation.

Hope to see you Thursday.

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  1. Unfortunately, it is now April 24.

    At the restoration project at the horse bridge at least of the three new Ponderosa pines have succumbed;

    In the meadow between Spring Creek and the second “leasure parlor” across from this and on the left side of the trail someone has sawed down ALL of the Ponderosa Pine (??);

    Although the USFS has done an excellent job of thinning fir from along the trail, which was sorely needed, I was shocked to find out that while we are in the process of waging a major campaign against CLIMATE CHANGE, the Forest Service in its infinite wisdom is planning on Burning all of the slash piles. I have heard that there will eventually be 10,000 of them. This must not be allowed to happen! Why are these thinnings not being CHIPPED? There is absolutely no excuse for that. All those chips could easily be recycled! If not used on the trails themselves or the parking lot they could be taken off-site where numerous uses would be applicable. Don’t let the fools with all of their negative reasoning come up with a thousand excuses for not chipping, it can and should be done–no excuses! Finally, accept that in this era of climate change significant pollution will be added to the atmosphere worldwide. No, this does not compare with coal fired power plants but it is significant in our small area and especially so when this is already the most polluted valley in the state. It appears that the forest service still suffers from the “slash and burn” mentality.

  2. Dan, I’ll address and followup on some of those points in a forthcoming post about this year’s Marshall Woods project work. Thanks for your comments.

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