Give Local Missoula Day 2015

Proud-ParticipantRCWG is participating in this year’s Give Local Missoula Day, an online event that lasts 24 hours starting at midnight tonight (Tuesday, May 5th, from 12:01 a.m. till 11:59 p.m.).  You can help us out by donating online here.

Last year was Missoula’s first year participating in the national Give Local America Day, and the results were better than organizers expected: 90 local nonprofit groups participated, and our community made over 1900 donations totaling more than $135,000.  This year there are more nonprofit groups, including 18 environmental organizations whose company RCWG is proud to share :-).

This year a number of other towns in Montana have organized their own local efforts. So in the spirit of friendly competition, please help keep Missoula #1 in terms of local nonprofit support!

If you choose to donate to RCWG this year (and even if you don’t donate), we’d really appreciate your input on priorities you’d like to see for our group.  In recent years we’ve worked on issues related to environmental restoration, improving fish habitat, combating noxious weeds and harvesting Rattlesnake apples to help bears and people avoid conflicts.  Tell us what you’d like to see in a few words or sentences with your donation or by email.  Thanks!

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