Apple Season

Honeycrisp Apples in Lincoln Hills, Rattlesnake Valley, Missoula

Honeycrisp Apples in Lincoln Hills, Rattlesnake Valley, Missoula

There are a lot of apples (and pears) on trees in the Rattlesnake Valley this year.  That’s both good and bad news. The bad news is that these fruits are a major attractant for wildlife like deer and bears, and once those animals get habituated to people and homes, they’ll get into more trouble that won’t end well for either the animals or the people.

Fortunately, the Rattlesnake Valley grows delicious fruit. There are lots of great recipes for apple and pear products, and if you have a lot of them you can press cider. (The MUD Project is a good place to rent a press).  If you want fruit but don’t have any fruit trees of your own, you can volunteer with the Great Bear Foundation–see contact information below. On the other hand, if you have more fruit than you can use yourself, please contact RCWG and we’ll put your apples and pears (and maybe plums) to use at our October 26th Fall Festival (official announcement coming soon!), or (if we can’t feed them to people) we’ll donate them to Opportunity Resources where they’re used as animal feed.

If you have fruit trees that are ready to be picked, here are two great organizations that mobilize volunteers to pick and glean fruit and put it to its most beneficial use:

Great Bear Foundation (contact Chris Olsen, Volunteer Coordinator, 406-829-9378,

Garden City Harvest/PEAS Farm (“Gleaning Hotline”: 406-543-4992)

And please feel free to contact RCWG by email or phone Eric @ 406-240-1986 for more information or to donate fruit for use at the Fall Festival. Thanks!


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