Daily Archives: April 7, 2013

Please don’t feed the bears

There’s a summary of the March 2013 meeting on “Bears in the Rattlesnake” posted under the Bear Aware Apple Share heading on our website. Please stay tuned for events this spring, summer and fall, including the Great Bear Foundation’s annual “bear honoring” the weekend of May 3-5, a “bear aware” event planned by Chuck Bartlebaugh, and a Rattlesnake-area tour of potential bear attractants (trash, chicken coops, etc.)  and what we can do to make them less attractive.

Speaking of which….


Please don’t let this happen to you, or to any bears in your neighborhood. As Chuck Jonkel reported at last month’s meeting, during 2012 a total of 67 “notices of violation” were issued in our region; most of those were in the Rattlesnake Valley, and enforcement will be a priority again this year.

(Please follow this link for a larger version of the comic, or this link for the artist’s webpage).