Monthly Archives: January 2013

Briefly waking up from our winter hibernation

It’s been a couple months since our successful First Annual Bear Aware Apple Share Festival, held at Ten Spoon Winery on Sunday, October 28th.  About 150 people attended, ate, drank, and were generally merry.  We tasted a number of Recipe Contest entries, and we pressed and sampled locally-sourced apple and pear cider, much of which was delicious! Thanks to the Great Bear Foundation and to the Missoula Urban Demonstration Project who provided apple presses for use on site.

Here’s a link to a Missoulian article with followup on the Festival and Chuck Jonkel’s 2012 Bear Summary.

Rattlesnake bears are less active in the winter, but they’re still right here in the valley and they can wake up and roam around anytime during the winter. Bear activity reports should be filed with Missoula Bears; check out their early 2013 reports here. Make sure to continue to store your trash and other attractants in bearproof locations.

RCWG will be resuming our outreach and educational efforts later this year, so please check back for more information. Enjoy the winter!