Join Us For the Last Rattlesnake Stewardship Workshop–May 22nd

Rattlesnake Creek Community Stewardship Program
Spring 2012 Workshop Series
WORKSHOP #3: “INVADERS IN OUR BACKYARD—A Case for Ongoing Stewardship”

WHEN: TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2012; 6:00pm–8:00pm
WHERE: Greenough Park Pavilion, 1629 Monroe St, Missoula

Participants will be able to rotate through 7 “stations” in and around the Greenough Park Pavilion and interact with 10 natural resource experts as they discuss stewardship issues in the Rattlesnake watershed.

Participants will consider people’s role in the watershed; non-native trout populations and competition for resources; invasive aquatic and terrestrial plants; wildlife (especially bear) habitats; riparian restoration; Greenough history; and more! We will learn the threats posed by invasives and the things we can do to protect our wonderful watershed.

Fun, interesting, enlightening–and games for kids! COME JOIN US!
All workshops are free, family friendly, and offer refreshments.

–KITTY GALLOWAY of Watershed Education Network will focus on people’s
role in the watershed
–CHRISTINE MORRIS of the Montana Natural History Center will focus on bark beetles
–JAMIE JONKEL of Montana FWP and ERIN EDGE of Defenders of Wildlife
will focus on wildlife (especially bears), habitats, and people
–ROB CLARK of Montana FWP will focus on non-native wild trout, resource competition, and future population projections
–LINDSEY BONA and STEFFANY ROGGE-KINDSETH of Missoula County Weed District will focus on identifying and monitoring invasive aquatic and terrestrial plant species
–JOHN PIERCE will focus on native plant identification and some history of the watershed
–MARK VANDER MEER and CHRISTINE BRISSETTE of Watershed Consulting will focus how invasive plants degrade the riparian ecosystem, where native vegetation is missing, and how it can be restored along Rattlesnake Creek

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